CCToolbox mockup
Screenshot of an early stage design of the OCToolbox.

To create open content from scratch you need a plan. We can help you with that. We are developing the OCToolbox, a free online tool that helps you make this plan. The OCToolbox let’s you:

  • determine what kind of content (products) will be produced,
  • which of these products you might want to release under an open license,
  • whom should be credited when these products.

How it works

When you start a new project, for example a new video production, you can create a new project in the OCToolbox. It has several customizable content templates that contain the recurring products for that kind of production. You can then add or remove products. In the next step you can add the team members and link these to the products. The final phase exists of selecting the licenses you are considering to use to release these products. You can also look up information that has been published in the open content manual from within the OCToolbox.

You can use this information in several ways, you can:

  1. generate (customizable) contracts for each team member,
  2. generate the license text for every seperate product,
  3. publish the project and embed this information on other sites / link files that have been published on other platforms to this project page.

The OCToolbox will be available as a free service and as software package to host your own installation.

SIDN Fonds logoDevelopment has started in January 2016. A first working prototype will be available in the last quarter of 2016. The development of the prototype has been made possible with financial support of the SIDN Fund (press release in Dutch).

Use it yourself

The current version of the OCToolbox is a working prototype of a WordPress plugin. The plugin and documentation can be downloaded from the Installation page. A tutorial can be found on the Circular Content Bitbucket wiki.