Circular Content is currently working on a “sharing manual” and an open content toolbox.


An increasing amount of organisations is interested in the benefits they can have by actively publishing content under licenses that allow reuse. A great example is the Rijksmuseum that was closed for several years due to reconstruction work, but was still open to the public by making their collection available online. Not only on their own website, but in a way that their collection could be seen on Wikipedia and other sites too.

Now, it is hard to determine

An example of the various content that is created for a typical video production that could be shared with open licenses.
An example of the various content that is created for a typical video production that could be shared with open licenses. CC BY Sebastiaan ter Burg
  1. what (parts of the) content you are going to publish,
  2. on what platform,
  3. in what resolution / quality,
  4. under which license.

It is even harder to think of this before you hire a photographer, video journalist, sound designer, illustrator, etc. that you might hire to produce the content.

And that’s what will be in this manual. Practical use cases, decision trees, flowcharts, example texts, example contracts, etc.


Interviewing Marco Raaphorts, a sound designer that releases a lot of his work under a Creative Commons license.
Interviewing Marco Raaphorts of MelodieFabriek, a sound designer and composer that releases work under a Creative Commons license on Soundcloud.

The Circular Content team will interview over 40 content producers, clients of these producers, reusers of open content and facilitating platforms of open content to gather the practical knowledge they’ve build up over the past years. All these interviews will be on video. Several edits will be made of the interviews, for example per content type (still images, moving images, audio) and per organisation type (for profit, not for profit). The edits and the raw footage will become available during the project under a CC BY license.

The lessons learned, example forms, contracts, etc. will become available on this website. And if the budget allows it we will make a book out of it.

Current status

The project is currently in preparation. The last developments are (August 14, 2015):

  1. The first few interviews have taken place in Europe as pilots.
  2. The project plan is being discussed with potential
    1. partners,
    2. board members for the Circular Content foundation, which will become the owner of the content produced,
    3. experts for the board of advice,
    4. fundraisers.

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