Play the Campaign Game

Thinking in breakdown structures of creative projects is not something a lot of people are¬†experienced in. That’s why the Campaign Game was developed. The game challenges players to come up with fictional, comical campaigns. Find more information on the game and download the files on the Campaign Game page.

OCToolbox presentation at Wikimania 2016

The OCToolbox was presented during Wikimania, the worldwide conference of Wikipedians and Wikimedians in Ensino Lario, Italy. Why? Because Wikipedia is more than text. A lot of articles are illustrated with photos and the amount of audio files, video files and other media types is ever increasing. And that’s why the Wikimedia community is interested in the OCToolbox too. Watch the presentation here!

Determine reusability (photos)

The license of a work is not the only variable that determines if a work is reusable. The license only really touches on the authors’ rights. There are more things you should consider before reusing or remixing content. This article reflects on the reuse of photos.

How to give credit (photos)

You’ve found work under an Creative Commons license that you want to reuse. Great! But how do you give credit in a proper way? That depends on the type of content you plan to use and the way you are using it. This article explains one of the most popular reuses: adding a photo or illustration to an article.

Who gets the credit?

Are you paying someone or are you being payed to create open content? Then one of the important things to agree on is who will get the credit of the work.

Openness throttle

Allowing reuse of your content is not a black and white decision. Apart from the type of license you choose to share your content, you can also keep control over several other aspects.