We design and implement sharing strategies and workflows that enable and stimulate reuse of your content to maximize the reach and effect of your message. Let us explain…

Everyday we produce an enormous amount of multimedia all over the world. News, art, entertainment and more are produced in the form of text, illustrations, photos, music, videos, etc. And that’s great. It lets us share our stories, communicate what we value, engage in discussion, raise awareness or just offer some relaxation.

What’s not so great is that the use of all of this is restricted. Yes, you can share links to the content on social media or embed it on your own site, but what if you’d like to remix this great video? What if you could use a crop of of a photo for your own work? What if you want to use an illustration in your presentation? Most times you are not allowed to do so.

These same restrictions also limit the organisation or person that made the content in the first place. The content can not live on beyond their own publications. It won’t find it’s way to Wikipedia. It can’t be used by the people that support or oppose the message you want to send out. Sometimes you can not even use it again within your own organisation. After it has served your initial purpose, it just dies out. It lives on zombified, lurking in the deepest corners of your site or archive. It’s almost like throwing away food that’s still perfect to consume, long before it even has met it’s legally required experation date. Unless the content is actively set free.

And that’s where we come in. We can help you get the maximum out of your content by allowing others to reuse and remix it. We take a look at your current production proces from start to finish and designate reuse opportunities. We design business cases and strategies to increase the effectiveness of your content in meeting your organisational goals. Ranging from quick wins to a complete overhaul of your workflows of content production. We implement new content production workflows from idea to publication with all the necessary tools in place.

To name some of the benefits for you or your organisation:

  1. Save costs on future content production and preservation.
  2. Empower your community to spread your message far beyond your own circle of influence.
  3. Add another chapter to your corporate social responsibility by contributing to the free acces to knowledge and information.

Want to know what content sharing can do for your organisation? Contact us.